RE is an international organization committed to restoring lives and rebuilding communities by addressing the physical, emotional, economic and social needs of men, women and children caught in the cycles of poverty and injustice.

Our vision is to work with local leaders and organizations to build diverse, self-sustainable programs and systems to assist individuals, families and children in overcoming the effects of poverty and social injustice. We believe that providing quality resources, training and other opportunities will enable and empower men, women and children to reach their fullest potential, resulting in changed lives and transformed communities. The dynamics of our mission include:

• Partner with local entities to adequately understand challenges and appropriately respond to needs presented
• Research, develop and distribute curriculum in areas such as social work, childcare (parents, adoptive parents, care providers), business development as well as others
• Develop holistic programs and processes that provide the necessary physical, educational, emotional and ethical support for those in need
• Act as an advocate for children and families